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Bright creativity: idee.design.licht. introduces luminescent easel “myArt”“myArt“ highlights design and art
  • “myArt” illuminates artworks, photos and individual designs
  • Special product website www.myart-licht.de: technical data, art gallery, e-cards and upload-service for personal artwork

Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany, July 28, 2009idee.design.licht.GmbH (idl) is already a well-known partner for discerning architects, light planners and the design-oriented trade. Now the German light manufacturer also opens artists, designers and creative customers a bright new way to present their pictures, photos and graphic designs: “myArt” is the name of idee.design.licht.’s innovation – a luminescent easel sets the stage for artworks and individual designs. A metal tripod holds the translucent acrylic “canvas“, which is illuminated by a dimmable ring-shaped fluorescent lamp. The specific product website www.myart-licht.de shows many examples of creative and commercial applications as well as technical data.

Designer Ralf Brenner comments: “Inspired by professional artist’s easels, myArt holds translucent objects and turns them into a decorative Gesamtkunstwerk. A part of the ring-shaped lamp softly illuminates the room, while the forward shining light highlights the projection surface. The lamp is dimmable, energy-saving and has an extremely long durability.“

Two acrylic panes – at the front lucent and at the back opal for a diffuse lighting - are sandwiched to form the easel’s “canvas” (40 x 40 cm), which is fixed by three cylindrical holders. All different kinds of translucent materials can be tucked between the panes, e. g. painted pictures, designs, collages, textiles, vellums, prints, dried floral or sheets. The brightness can be adjusted by use of a red aluminium dimmer at the head of the light.

Every myArt is unique and handcrafted in the manufactory. Due to its construction and extraordinary appearance myArt blurs the line between lighting and artworks. However, it is also just as useful and attractive for commercial applications – e. g. as elegant information board, eye-catching guidepost or advertising medium. myArt also attracts admiring glances at company logos, exquisite wine lists or decorative designs – whether handwritten with an overhead marker, printed out at home by inkjet or laser printer on paper or foil, or even as professional plot. Most of the copy and printers’ shops offer suitable materials for brilliant translucent prints: Backlit, polyester, overhead or granulated foils as well as transparent and printable paper – almost anything that can be used for printing can be used for myArt. Copy shops and printers’ shops inform about the correct choice of material and about the required printing resolution.

So each myArt can be turned into an one-of-a-kind object. At the same time, it is equally attractive in its “pure” state, without any further decoration. The aluminium easel is powder-coated and can be ordered in the colours white or anthracite - the rear leg can be removed tool-free and is storable in one of the two front lamp-feet. Thus the floor lamp can be leaned against the wall. myArt’s puristic elegant construction is a work of artistic craftsmanship in its own right - all its components are set up carefully by hand in the manufactory of idee.design.licht.

Technical data myArt:

Height: 1.85 m, weight: 8 kg, degree of protection: IP20, power: 40 W, easel-construction made out of steel tube, powder-coated with white RAL 9016 or anthracite-metallic DB 703, energy-saving ring fluorescent lamp, with swivelling dimmer, transparent connecting cable length 2 m, with footstep switch

About idee.design.licht.
idee.design.licht. in Limbach-Oberfrohna near Chemnitz, Germany, develops, manufactures and distributes sophisticated lighting-fixtures and systems for offices and object as well as private environments. idee.design.licht. combines discerning, award-winning design with ultimate flexibility: The company enjoys a distinctive reputation among architects, planners, designers and the trade for its ability to realise individual lighting solutions, one-offs and customer designs in short time and with outstanding lighting quality and technical precision. Based on state-of-the-art 3D programmes the lighting effects of single lighting fixtures and light systems can be simulated; a team of creative specialists works by hand and with the help of CNC-controlled machines to create models, individual items, small and big batch productions precisely according to customer request. Since 2006 the executive director Sven Rabe leads the 32-headed team of idee.design.licht.

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