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LED light sculpture “Ciconia“: idee.design.licht. creates designer desk luminaire for TopdeqInspired by the black stork: Rainer Bachschmid designed versatile desk light
  • Leading European B2B-oriented mail order company for office and designer furniture Topdeq launches LED desk light with the help of idee.design.licht.
  • “Ciconia” shines from tip to toe: lamp base doubles as reflector for fold-out LED segment, resembling a stork’s beak

Limbach-Oberfrohna, March 11, 2011Topdeq, a leading European B2B-oriented mail order company for office designer furniture, launches its first designer desk light under its own “siqnatop” brand – with the help of the Saxon light manufacturer idee.design.licht.: Designer Rainer Bachschmid created a novel design concept that was inspired by a stork’s beak. Hence the name “Ciconia” – the Latin name of the black stork: The lamp’s base and LED head form two symmetrical segments that can fold in and out like a beak or a pen-knife: One half contains a shining strip of thirty integrated LEDs, the other half bears a reflecting strip made of stainless steel. Unfolded, Ciconia floodlights the desk top – folded in, Ciconia is a stunning, minimalist light sculpture that graces private living spaces just as elegant office environments.

Ciconia is entirely crafted by idee.design.licht.’s manufacture in Saxony – proving the company’s skill to handle cutting-edge LED technology, metals, acrylic and intricate, minimalist product design. Ciconia’s body is made of aluminium, powder-coated in black. The complete production process – from metal working to painting, assembly and packaging – is integrated under one roof at idee.design.licht.. 

Rainer Bachschmid: “I take my inspiration from the ever-changing moods of the natural sunlight. My aim was to develop a flexible, adjustable light using cutting edge, eco-friendly LED technology. Folded down, Ciconia is a minimalist ambient light – folded up it shows an amazing competence as a desk light. Just as the sun, Ciconia has the power not only to adapt to moods, but also to provoke emotions.“

Thorsten Stelzer, Product Manager at Topdeq Service GmbH: “idee.design.licht. stands for hand-made product quality – after we have successfully listed “Sollos“ and “myArt“ by idee.design.licht. we were happy to take our co-operation to the next level: idee.design.licht. proved to be an ideal partner to manufacture the first exclusive desk light for our own siqnatop brand. We value their creativity and flexibility; it was just great working with their product engineers and their head of sales and marketing.“

idee.design.licht. develops and manufactures lighting solutions for architects, planners and sophisticated, design-oriented retail partners – ranging from series production such as Ciconia for Topdeq, to small-batch productions to unique, tailor-made solutions. Recently, the renowned German office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath teamed up with idee.design.licht. to create a sophisticated lighting concept for its new furniture system NET.WORK.PLACE.

Since the early nineties – and since 2005 under the name of idee.design.licht. – the Saxon company develops, manufactures and distributes lighting solutions for offices and objects as well as private environments. In the recent years, the company’s specific ability to realise individual lighting solutions, one-offs and customer designs in short time has become a significant economic factor for the lighting factory.

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About idee.design.licht.
idee.design.licht. in Limbach-Oberfrohna near Chemnitz, Germany, develops, manufactures and distributes sophisticated lighting-fixtures and systems for offices and object as well as private environments. idee.design.licht. combines discerning, award-winning design with ultimate flexibility: The company enjoys a distinctive reputation among architects, planners, designers and the trade for its ability to realise individual lighting solutions, one-offs and customer designs in short time and with outstanding lighting quality and technical precision. Based on state-of-the-art 3D programmes the lighting effects of single lighting fixtures and light systems can be simulated; a team of creative specialists works by hand and with the help of CNC-controlled machines to create models, individual items, small and big batch productions precisely according to customer request. Since 2006 the executive director Sven Rabe leads the 32-headed team of idee.design.licht.dee.

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