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Three Berlin Designers ignite a creative spark for ChevroletCarmaker commissions fashion designer, illustrator and photographer for one-of-a-kind minicar

Chevrolet banks on hot Berlin talent for the launch of its “Spark“ Microcar: Fashion Designer Mischa Woeste, Swiss-born graphic artist Brigitte Speich and fine art photographer Kerstin zu Pan use the new minicar as a canvas for an explosion of designs in dazzling neon colours featuring dragons, butterflies, flamingos and African tribal motifs.

Brigitte Speich’s signature illustration style graces not only the bodywork, but was really taken to the extreme inside: Mischa Woeste has created a cocoon-like interior, decked out in the sumptuous, hand-embroidered fabrics of her “Smilinener“ label’s spring/summer-collection. Photographer Kerstin zu Pan frames it all in pictures that radiate Berlin über-coolness and fashion-forward fun.

Brigitte Speich and Mischa Woeste collaborate since four years for the “Smeilinener“ collection, turning Brigitte’s graphic designs into flamboyant, luxurious fashion. Brigitte’s love for textiles doesn’t stop here: Together with her partner Jacques Margiela she designs the ever changing artwork for the leading tradeshow for fabrics, “munichfabricstart“.

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